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Once in a while, I receive feedback from users about alternative treatments that they tried for molluscum and that had a positive effect. I will start listing the ones that seem reasonable on this page. If you know of an alternative remedy, then please use the contact page to send it to me and, after I review it, I may post it here. Please note that I will post the submissions at my discretion alone. Also note that I am not editing the post, not fixing grammar or spelling, and not fixing formatting. I will remove some links and replace them with the actual names to discourage any spam submissions.

Aveeno and Neutrogena Treatment
Submitted by J. L.

I feel compelled to write regarding our success with molluscum since there is so much misinformation out there. Hopefully parents might find our story useful.

First what we tried that DID NOT WORK:

ZymaDerm did not work
Apple cider vinegar added to bath and directly onto skin did not work
Aveno Hydrocortisone seemed to slow the spread but ultimately did not work
Wart remover was to harsh unable to use for length of time on 5yr. old

I think we now have a solid formula for beating molluscum. I must say up front that all of the items you can get at the local pharmacy. I am not associated with or getting kick backs from any pharmaceutical or skin care company. The information provided here is what worked/s for my son and may not necessarily work for your child. We never used any of the products on the genital area. We are not completely rid of molluscum but I think this is working for us. So here we go:

1st Aceeno soothing-bath-treatment
We use this almost nightly for bath.

2nd California Baby tea-tree-lavender-shampoo-bodywash
This has Tea Tree Oil in it. Why not? Not 100% sure this is the key. We use for hair and body wash.

3rd Aveeno relief-moisturizing-lotion
We use this lotion all of the time. This will be the most costly of items you will use. You will go through a lot of it but should apply copiously at night and in the morning. In the afternoon to if you want. The more the better. I have tried to substitute lotions but have found nothing better and more effective.

4th Aveeno anti-itch-concentrated-lotion
Used for itchy times

5th Neutrogena on-spot-acne-treatment

I think the key to the whole Rx. CAUTION: We initially applied "On-the SPOT" like a lotion all over my sons legs. This caused his skin to burn and become very irritated.
Use directly on a bump. Apply after bath and in the AM. Small dab on the bump then let dry. The bump will go from clear to red and irritated with white center then fade away. Use lotion and anti-itch in between to prevent itching.

As noted elsewhere, the key is vigilance. Keep at it. Our son has eczema and his skin is very challenging. Especially in the summer. Lubrication is very important. Good luck!

Lastly, shame on the people and companies that wish to prey on the desperation of loving parents who need help. May karma one day find you (and it will)

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