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This blog is dedicated to all the people out there trying to cure themselves of molluscum contagiosum. I suffered from a molluscum infection for eight months. True, it is a harmless and painless viral infection, but it manifests itself as horrible looking lesions that many people, me included, are willing to go to extremes to get treated. When I finally got rid of the infection, I created this website to help others find a solution to their infection.

It is very difficult to get rid of molluscum. I tried for 8 months before being able to do it. Based on my own trials, people I talked to, and research, I list below the more common methods used to treat molluscum contagiosum. More detailed summaries can be found on the treatment listings page, or click on a particular treatment to read my review.

If you want to treat a molluscum infection on yourself, or your child, then review the possible treatments and decide for yourself what will work best for you.

Treatment Quick Summary Review My Rating
ACVx: This is the only treatment that worked for me, so my review may be biased 9
ZymaDerm: Does not work for many people. Works better on kids than adults 6
Aldara: Very expensive and takes forever to work 5
Tea Tree Oil: Will give you a rash at best 5
Nature's Pharma AntiMolluscum-RX: I do not have enough data on this one. From some of the feedback I have heard is that it works on some bumps, but not others 5
Laser: Treats specific bumps, but will not cure or stop the spreading 4
Liquid Nitrogen: Will not stop the spreading. May scar 4
Surgical Scraping: Will not stop the spreading. Will scar 3
Colloidal Silver: Banned by the FDA 1
Iodine / Betadine: Sterilizes the surface of the skin, but will not penetrate the skin to get to the virus 1
Duct Tape: It may work on warts, but does not seem to reduce molluscum 1
Waiting it out: Your doctor may say molluscum clears in 6 months, but it is more like 1 to 2 years, sometimes more 1
Antibacterial Creams: Totally useless 0
Polysporin: Totally useless 0
Alcohol: Totally useless 0
Terrasil: Another cure-it-all product. I suspect it is a scam because of a suspicious promotional email I received about it. I have not heard from anyone saying it worked for them ?
Alternative: Alternative remedies and procedures for curing molluscum that were submitted by users. These methods have not been verified by me, so use at your own risk ?

I am still researching and getting feedback on other treatments to include in the list above. If you would like to share your experiences with me and with the other visitors of this website, please use the contact page. Every little bit helps, and I will be sure to include your tips and suggestions as long as they can be verified by others.

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