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Terrasil by AidanceProducts is a silver and oxygen cream that, according to their website, "can relive all types of inflammation, irritation, itching and discomfort". If you go to the website, you will not find a reference to molluscum contagiousm itself.  But if you are searching for molluscum contagiosum treatments in Google, then you will come across an ad for them, and then they will take you to a hidden page on their website that will tout its effectiveness against molluscum and sell you the product. So, publicly, they do not seem to want to refer to it as a cure for molluscum, but when you are looking for a cure for molluscum, it will show up in an ad.

Terrasil first came to my attention when I received a message regarding Terrasil a while back. The email looked so suspiciously similar to so many spam marketing emails that I did some search on it. I came up with this page:

Suspicious E-Mail

Belows is the text of the email I received. To me, it looks like a scam email. You be the judge for yourselves.

For almost three years now I've been battling my kids' MC. I tried tea tree oil, different creams, etc. but none seemed to work. My daughter's just kept spreading and getting worse. I finally decided to spend the money on Poxiderm (which I've heard works well), but when I looked online at some other medications I could buy, I decided to go with one called Terrasil. It's not quite as expensive as Poxiderm, and it was garunteed to work. With everything I had tried I wasn't too positive that this would work either-but I was wrong! I has worked wonders. My daughter had close to 100 MC bumps, and within a week of using it, about 90% were gone. My son only had a few bumps by the time we got this, and his were gone in about 10 days. I know how frustrating MC can be, so I just want to let everyone I can know about this stuff! Who knows if it will work for everyone, but if it helped with my kids' MC, I'm sure it'll help with most other people! Good luck!


I have not received a single positive feedback regarding Terrasil, but have received several negative ones.


I need more feedback, but I would not touch this treatment myself. It looks like a total waste of money.

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