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Molluscum Contagiosum in Children

Molluscum contagiosum infects children more than adults. Here are some possible reasons:


When a child catches molluscum, it is usually on skin areas that are exposed and more often touched like the arms and legs. Also, they can get the molluscum on their chest, stomach, backs, and faces. The molluscum will likely spread quickly and widely to adjacent areas because the kids tend to scratch them. They will end up with areas of concentrated molluscum bumps.

Treatments for Children

Methods of treatment for molluscum contagiosum that target individual bumps do not work effectively on children. These methods include liquid nitrogen freezing, laser treatment, and cutting and scraping. The reason they do not work effectively is because the infection spreads quickly in children. There are many small bumps rather than a few large ones. So, unless the infection is caught fairly early on when there are just a few bumps, these methods do not stand a chance. Plus they will scar.

The best treatment that I know of for children (and adults) is Natural Molluscum. It is safe, natural, and works well. I used it on my 7-year old daughter who had a patch of molluscum on the side of her stomach, and the lesions were flat within a week. However, they have a notice that it should not be used for children under 1 years old because of sensitive skin.

Another possible treatment for children is ZymaDerm. It works better on children than on adults, but it does not work in all cases.


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