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Surgical Scraping, Cutting, and Removal

Some dermatologists will opt to remove your molluscum contagiosum bumps surgically. This means cutting them with a scalpel or scraping them off with a curette. Are you sure you want your skin or your child's skin cut up with a razor?


So what is going to happen is that the doctor will use a razor (scalpel or curette) to cut or scrape off each bump individually. The doctor will apply a local anesthetic first because it is going to hurt. The doctor will need to apply an antiseptic like iodine very thoroughly to prevent infection of surrounding skin with molluscum, and to prevent the infection of the wound itself from another source. Even though the procedure is effective at getting rid of the bumps, the cuts are likely to scar afterwards and the procedure does nothing to cure the disease itself. New bumps will continue to grow.



If you are willing to go through all the trouble, you can try surgical removal to get rid of your bigger molluscum bumps for cosmetic purposes. However, other bumps will continue to grow as this treatment will not cure the disease. Also, pay very good attention to the cuts so that you do not end up with a serious infection. In my opinion, this treatment is definitely not worth the trouble.

My Rating for Surgical Scraping: 3/10

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