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Molluscum Contagiosum in Adults

Even though adult men and women do not tend to contract molluscum contagiosum as much as children, its impact on adults is much worse because:


Unfortunately, adults most commonly catch molluscum on their pubic and genital areas. Genital molluscum contagiosum is common in adults because sexual contact is a common form of contact among adults. The molluscum virus gets transmitted through contact, so the pubic area is very exposed to transmission during sex. Men can get molluscum bumps on their penis, and women on their vagina.

The bumps are not limited to the pubic area though and can show up anywhere on the body. They are not as concentrated in adults as they are in children because adults will not scratch them as often. It is more common for adults to have bigger and more widespread bumps.


With adults, it is possible to try treatments that target individual molluscum contagiosum bumps. Such treatments include liquid nitrogen freezing, laser treatment, and cutting and scraping. This makes sense only if there are just a few bumps. These methods do not prevent the spread of the infection and many treatments may be necessary. Plus they may scar. The best treatment that I know of, and the only one that worked for me, is Natural Molluscum. It is effective against individual bumps or large infected areas. Another possible treatment is Aldara, but it is very expensive and takes a long time to work. There are other treatments that may be tried out, but most of them are ineffective.


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