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Some dermatologists use a pulsed dye laser to treat molluscum bumps successfully. The treated bumps will resolve in about two weeks or so. However, laser will not cure the infection, and new bumps will appear soon after and need to be re-treated over and over again.


A dermatologist whose office is equipped with a special laser will use the laser to target individual molluscum bumps. Each bump has to be treated individually to kill the virus inside it. The bump will start resolving itself in about 2 weeks time. The treatment usually does not leave a scar or a discoloration of the skin as some other treatments like liquid nitrogen freezing or surgical removal do. However, the skin around the bump will remain infected with the virus, and new bumps will appear as long as the infection remains. The laser is very targetted and cannot kill all the virus. Furthermore, laser treatment is very expensive, and not readily available because most dermatologists do not have the necessary equipment.



Laser is an effective treatment for visible mulluscum bumps, but will not cure the disease or stop it from spreading. It is a good way to get rid of the ugly-looking bumps in a reasonable time (about 2 weeks), but be prepared to pay a hefty price, and to go back to your dermatologist every few weeks to treat the new ones that will pop up.

My Rating for Laser Treatment: 4/10

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