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Nature's Pharma AntiMolluscum-RX

AntiMolluscum-RX by Nature's Pharma is a natural product (extracted from plants) with antiviral properties. They claim that the product can penetrate the skin and, because of its antiviral properties, can kill the molluscum contagiosum virus. They also mention that it enhances the immune system and has antibacterial properties to avoid secondary infections. I am not sure why they would expect secondary bacterial infections though.

I have received some feedback about it. Some of it is good, and some of it is not good. Below is one feedback that I thought sounded legitimate, so I posted it here:

User Feedback

My family tried Nature's Pharma, AntiMolluscum-RX and have had some success. Let me start by mentioning that we first were using ZymaDerm and used it for about 6 weeks, fairly consistantly, but not always twice a day as recommended. It made my daughters skin turn red around the molluscum and we started being worried that it was aggravating the skin too much and the molluscum didn't appear to really be shrinking much if at all. So we switched to Nature's Pharma, AntiMolluscum-RX and within 2 or 3 weeks we could tell a slight difference, although we never used it the 3 times a day that was suggested. We ordered more and within another 2 weeks or so of using it, quite a few of them have scabbed over and gone away.

The reason I mentioned that we used the ZymaDerm first is because I noticed that we've had the most success with the ones that were first treated with the ZymaDerm. She had some that appeared after we had already quit the ZymaDerm. Those new ones have only been treated with Nature's Pharma, and they don't seem to be reacting as much. This leads me to believe that it was the combination of the 2 treatments that is giving us the most benefit. Now I've started adding in ZymaDerm to our routine a couple times a week and most of the molluscum seem to be getting more of an effect now with slight scaling over.

The only ones that have shown very little difference have been the larger molluscum, so we actually went to a dermatologist and had them frozen. They had a spray bottle to freeze them with and it was pretty quick and so only hurt for a short period of time. That was a week ago and of the 5 that were done, all but one seem to be shrinking and scabbing a little.

THanks for making this website. This problem is a terrible situation to have to deal with and so little information is available, although there seems to be more now than when we started about 9 months ago.


I have received some feedback from people who used AntiMolluscum-RX. The reviews are mixed, with some saying it helped, and some saying it had no effect. I would like to point out, though, that almost none said that it good rid of their molluscum completely.


Nature's Pharma AntiMolluscum-RX seems to have some effect on molluscum, although the likeliness that it will completely cure you of the virus is low. It seems to be safe on the skin with no side effects.  I am still waiting to receive more feedback before I give it a rating.

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